St. Georges Lutheran Church has had four Pastors since its founding:

The interim pastors in chronological order during the times when the congregation was vacant:

The Chronological History of St. George’s Lutheran Church

Beginning 1952 A German congregational group was formed as part of the Trinity- Church, Toronto, (Sherbourne/Bloor) Pastor Goegginger worked there as Assistant Pastor.
1953 Theodor von Veh founded a new congregation together with 4 associates.
Jan. 4, 1954 Pastor Dr. W. Goegginger took the second call to this newly founded congregation. The German congregational group from the Trinity - Church, with the exception of the „Posaunenchor“ followed. The organist was Fekko von Ompteda. The services were held in the Anglican Church, St. George the Martyr.
Feb. 13, 1955 The St. George the Martyr Church burned down, so the German Congregation was permitted to use another Anglican Church, St. Stephen’s In the Fields located at the corner of College and Bellevue.
March 1955 Because of many restrictions, a new Church was sought out and College Street United Church, at the corner of College and Bathurst, was found.
June 7, 1955 Admission of the St. George’s Congregation in the Eastern Canada Synod.
July 1, 1956 Moved into the Church location at 410 College St. which was shared with an Apostolic Church.
Nov. 1, 1956 The 410 College St. Church was purchased.
Dec. 2, 1956 (1st Advent) Festive Opening Service in the fully renovated Church with ceremony.
1957 Church Repairs
Jun. 28, 1959 Ceremony of the new Bell Steeple (the bell was a present from Germany)
1959 The new heating system was installed
1963 A new floor was installed in the Church and the stage in the basement was renewed.
1964 10th Anniversary Celebration
Apr. 1, 1970 Pastor Goegginger was called to Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Siegfried Otto took over the pastoral duties in the meantime.
1970 In the summer, a parsonage was purchased at 6 Orchard Cres., Etobicoke for approximately $36,000, in order to offer the new Pastor Knaack a residence.
Aug . 1, 1970 Pastor Joachim Knaack was installed
1971 In April there was a mortgage burning ceremony to celebrate the payout of the mortgage on the church
1972 The German Cluster is created together with the First Lutheran Church, the Martin Luther Church and the Epiphany Church.
1973 March-April, Evangelization with Pastor Klaus Eickhoff (Germany).
Apr. 21, 1974 20th Year celebration of the congregation
1974 From April 1st there were Christian messages on CHIN-Radio in German where some St. George’s Parishioners took part.
1974 Since November there is one German language service a month in the Danish Church in Willowdale, as a result of first requests to broaden the St. George’s congregation to the north of the City.
1975 The communion railing was built in memory of the mother of Pastor Goegginger.
1975 Vikar Reinhard Keding was sent to Toronto by the EKD and he and his family became members of the St. George’s congregation. He worked as a Vikar in the congregation.
1975 The first and the only call for funds from the Congregation was requested to raise money to pay off the parsonage. $ 13,000 were donated and the parsonage was paid off.
1976 Vikar Reinhard Keding returned back to Germany
1976 A Seniors’ group was founded which also had members of the First Lutheran Church.
1977 The Congregation thinks about moving St. George’s congregation to the North of the City.
1979 25th Anniversary of the St. George’s Lutheran Church
1979 in the summer, Evangelization with Pastor Klaus Eickhoff (Germany)
1980 The Oil Furnace in the Church was replaced by a new Gas Furnace.
Oct. 28, 1980 Celebration of Pastor Knaack’s 10 years of church-service
Nov. 23, 1980 The first two Stain glass windows were installed in the Altar room
Nov. 10, 1983 Special service because of the 500th birthday of Martin Luther
Apr. 1,1984 The 30th Anniversary Celebration of the St. George’s Congregation attended also by Dr. Wolf Goegginger.
Aug 26, 1984 The 25 year Ordination celebration of Pastor Knaack, attended by Dr. William Huras.
1984 From October 1, 1984 – January 1985, Pastor Knaack was also Interim Pastor in the First Lutheran Church.
1984 Since the fall, Elke Eble (under supervision of Juergen Petrenko) shared the Organist job with Fekko von Ompteda. This is what Fekko von Ompteda said about our organ in the annual report: “Our Organ and the often used Church piano are only as good as those playing them. “
1985 Herr Martin Noack, the longstanding president of the Congregation, passed away in December.
1985 Under the leadership of Frau Luise Rischanek, the senior’s group had approximately 108 members.
1987 Membership of the congregation was approximately 300 to 400 families.
Jan. 11, 1987 There was a special membership meeting in order to determine if the parsonage should be sold to Pastor Knaack at a favourable price. This sale was rejected by a large majority.
1987 The budget estimate for the year 1987 amounted to $ 123,500
1987 Pastor Knaack received a call to Philadelphia and accepted it. At the end of June he held his last service in our church.
1987 From August 1st to December 31st the Interim pastor of the Congregation was Dr. Wolf Goegginger.
Oct. 18, 1987 Special membership meeting was assembled about the call of Pastor Steinert and the associated sale of the parsonage at 6 Orchard Cres. The congregation agreed with a large majority.
Dec. 14, 1987 Sale of the parsonage at 6 Orchard Cres. for $ 335,000.
Jan. 14, 1988 Purchase of the new parsonage at 2089 Oakmead Blvd., Oakville at a price of $241,500.
Jan 31, 1988 Installation service for Pastor Steinert also attended by bishop Dr. William Huras.
1989 Air conditioning was installed in the main Church Hall.
1989 The 50 year Ordination Anniversary and the 78th birthday of Dr. Wolf Goegginger was celebrated in our Church.
Dec. 31, 1990 The long time Custodian, Frau Begonia Goegginger, retired.
1991 Frau Luise Rischanek, the long-time head of the Senior’s Group gave up her position due to her age of 85.
1993 The long-standing organist of the congregation, Herr Fekko von Ompteda passed away.
1994 The summer picnic was held at Frau Ida Brandt’s Noble-Hill Farm for the first time.
1994 In October, the 40th anniversary of the congregation was celebrated, attended by Bishop Dr. William Huras.
Aug. 24, 1996 Elke Eble, our organist married Anton Streisslberger.
1996 Pastor Steinert turned 65; the church council decided to extend his call for a further two years (1998 and 1999).
1998 A new Gas Central Heating furnace was installed into the Church.
1998 A racoon came to the our Christmas Eve Service
1999 Dissolution of the Funeral Fund that existed since 1953
1999 Pastor Steinert’s call was extended for a further two years (2000 & 2001)
Dec. 10, 1999 The founder of the congregation, Dr. Wolf Goegginger, passed away.
2000 The English service was discontinued.
Oct. 7, 2001 There was a break-in in the Church
Dec. 31, 2001 Pastor Steinert retired
Jan 1, 2002 Pastor Katharina Moeller became Interim Pastor
Jan. 6, 2002 There now was the possibility to meet after church services in the basement for a cup of coffee and cake to get to know each other.
Feb. 3, 2002 By resolution of the Congregation, the Synod temporarily took over the administration and used a interim executive committee (the reason was to prepare how the congregation will go on after the retirement of Pastor Steinert).
2002 The St. George’s Congregation again became a member of the German Cluster in Toronto and in the German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America.
May 5, 2002 A special meeting of the Congregation was called to discuss and approve the sale of the parsonage at 2089 Oakmead Blvd. Oakville.
Jun.21, 2002 The parsonage was sold for $ 330,000.
Oct. 21, 2002 A special meeting of the congregation was called to approve the call for Frau Pastor Moeller.
Dec. 1, 2002 Installation service of Pastor Moeller, with Pastor Guenter Dahle (the Bishop’s assistant) in attendance.
2002 The “stair lift” was installed to allow the elderly easier access to both the Church and the basement.
Feb. 2, 2003 The administration of the congregation by the Synod was cancelled.
2003 The church council worked theologically on the topic of Holy communion and introduced single cups as alternative to the communion cup.
2002-2004 Extensive renovations to the church (inside and outside)
April 2003 Reintroduction of the English Service (once a month), at the time of the German service for the time being. New English song books were donated (“With One Voice”).
2003 The land owned by the congregation in Udora was sold for $29,900
Jun. 8, 2003 A special meeting of the congregation was called to discuss the required repairs to the Organ, the painting of the Church Hall and the continuance of the English Services.
2003 The membership of the congregation was once again increasing.
May 16, 2004 50th Anniversary, in attandance of Bishop Michael Pryse.
Sept. 2004 the congregation started their web-site:
since 2005 Confirmation anniversaries celebrated very second year
since Oct. 2005 The English services were celebrated every Sunday.
Oct. 2005 the first bilingual Bach-Cantata-service was held at Trinity United Church St. George’s congregation attended
2007 Introduction of the ELW, theme oriented sermon series during summer
Since 2007 Sunday school started again during the English service
Nov. 2008 Open Church Sunday- Invitation mailed to all neighbours near the church
May 2012 St. George’s church participated for the first time in “Doors Open Toronto” more than 350 people visited the church
Dec. 2012 The Lutheran Christus-Kirche in Gauting Bavaria donates 70 German hymnbooks “Evangelischen Gesangbuch” to St. George’s congregation. The new hymnals were introduced on 1Advent 2012